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Welcome to the page dedicated to... myself (last updated June 2007).
This was the website's first page where everything started back in September 2001.

My resume A few references


59200 Tourcoing
Nationality: French
Born on July 27, 1976 in Tourcoing (Nord), France.
Married, 2 daughters.


- GCSE in 1991 at C.N.D.I - Tourcoing, France
- A-levels specialized in electronics in 1994 at E.I.C - Tourcoing, France
- Technical degree in Microtechnics in 1996 at Lycée KASTLER - Denain (Nord), France
- BS in Microtechnics in 1997 at Lycée VAUCANSON - Tours (Indre et Loire), France.


- June 1995: internship at CALLEWAERT Frères in Tourcoing: control of measuring devices and work pieces,
- 1996-1997: internship at D.T.L.A in Montbazon (Indre et Loire): design of a mechanical physiotherapy device,
- Military service ended in August 1998,
- September to October 1998: programming and use of wire electro-discharge machines at MACKER EROSION in Tourcoing,
- January 1999 to May 2001 - Assistant to technical director: CAM programming and machining on digitally operated machines (machining and wire EDM), programming and use of three-dimensional measuring machines at
- May to September 2001 - Internet programmer at
OLICE-MULTIMEDIA: mainly PHP/MySQL programming: advanced search engines, news, calendars, newsletters, personalized e-mailings (
- January 2002 to December 2005 - Designer - Developer at
PROGERIX: PHP/MySQL, Access and Intranet programming, graphics design, etc.

- January to April 2006 - Designer - IT technician at DRH Partner.

- April 2006 to date: Chief Information Officer at Spirit.


- Computing (programming, CAD, CADCAM, graphics, sound),
- Chess,
- Cycling,
- Table tennis,
- Volley-ball,
- French scout from 1985 to 1992.

A few references my resume

The websites below do not belong to me. I just helped with the design, programming or other things.

Deregnaucourt website
This is where it all started: design of my first full website - that of my company at that time - where I learned basic HTML. I can hardly call it a website: the content is so small. But hey, you have to start somewhere!

European accommodation portal - Olicé Multimédia
This website allows the visitor to run searches for hotels, camp sites, B&Bs, etc. in the whole of Europe. This was a much bigger website. I've done all the programming: advanced search engine, news management, countries and languages: my first server programming experience.
Note: Europotel and Olicé no longer exist.

Other websites no longer online.

Some other applications no longer online: calendar management with hotel booking, ad management, admin section, image editing (gallery), video inserts in MediaPlayer/RealPlayer format.

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