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Latest updates and future improvements on Lion1906



Here are the improvements offered in V3:

  • Now one page per town to show as much information as possible (departement images, geolocation inside the departement).
  • Ability to print the info page of any town as PDF.
  • Ability to calculate the distance to another town from the info page of any given town. Multiple bug fixes e.g. East/West instead of -/+).
  • Interactive map added with mouse click support.
  • Satellite views added courtesy of Google Maps.
  • Hints added in case no results found.
  • Search engines now support postal and INSEE codes.
  • Improved geo-proximity search page.
  • New FAQ page.
  • New site map page.
  • Corsica now included.
  • Tools page: GéCaFLi and GéCaDeL programs.
  • Course calculation: changed compass.
  • Download section
  • New articles on INSEE/postal codes + list of INSEE/postal code aberrations
  • Help for the GécaDel and GécaFLi programs.
  • Altitudes now included
  • Inhabitant names now included.
  • Major database update based on 2007 INSEE file
  • Population now included based on 1999 census (1990 census data will remain available)
  • Weather forecast now available for every searched location
  • New town information added ("this town is the departement's main town (county town)" for example).
  • New Statistics page added.


Future improvements:


  • Bug fixes on GéCaDeL: Departements 01,02,13,17,21,29,54,56,59,65,83,84,85
  • Full reprogramming of the quick search engine.
  • "Add note" function on town info pages.
  • Print departement pages (including great-circle distances).
  • Will add pictures in the orthodromy-loxodromy page to make articles clearer.
  • Demonstration of the great-distance formula.
  • 'top' anchors in the glossary.
  • Changes on geolocation pages (add departement names on pictures + scale).
  • Will add course images in great-circle PDF's.
  • Will add the ability to locate a given address precisely in the Google Maps API.
  • Ajout dans les programmes GécaFli et GécaDeL de la possibilité d'importer des données CSV + Solution identique avec un fichier en ligne pour la version webmaster.  
  • D'où viennent les visiteurs de lion1906 (Ip localisation) (annulé pour cause de données libres non fiables sur le net)


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