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Earlier versions of Lion1906

You can still view the first version of Lion1906 at .
This is now the third version of Lion1906.
Version 2 is no longer online (all that's left is an image). Lion V1 is the starting point. It all started with only one page. It would certainly hurt a little if I had to remove those pages but the website is still online today for another reason: from a practical point of view, the current database is more recent, has no duplicates, and only has towns, which means your queries will be a lot faster as there's about 3 times less data, let alone the technical improvements. However, some other information has disappeared e.g. small places, mounts, lakes, forests and ancient cities that no longer exist or the name of which has changed (any genealogy freaks out there??). That's why I've decided to leave the first website online on its original host as I'm sure its data can still be of some interest to some of you. (V2)
Only the first version of Lion1906 offered the "old data". V2 is no longer online because it does the same as V3, only less good and less fast. For example, V2 relied on an older database (2004) than V3 (2005). For more information, click here:
You can still view the old Lion1906 at:*/

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