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Below is a selection of websites more or less related to the different topics listed on Lion1906.
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Jérôme Galichon offers a search engine based on French towns, their latitudes and longitudes, density, postal codes and INSEE codes. You may also download his database which contains the postal codes, INSEE codes, latitudes and longitudes of all French towns.
This website is not directly connected to geolocation but rather offers supplemental information on French regions, picture galleries, and related resources.

Joel Pouteau
A couple of years ago, Joel contacted me and provided me with is his Excel course calculation file which I have converted to design the Course section now on Lion1906... et
Two car-sharing websites where anybody can ask for and offer shared commutes from/to different places near you. The first website displays the requested journeys on a map - hey wait I've seen this somewhere before! - while the second seems more comprehensive.
This website is a worldwide atlas of cities and villages. It's almost a clone of in that it lists the longitudes and latitudes of pretty much all towns and cities by country, but is offered in French.

Christian Magnan
Christian is the astrophysicist who demonstrates the formula I'm using to calculate great-circle distances. His homepage offers a selection of articles that I find particularly interesting...

Gilles and Emmanuel Hainry
Gilles Hainry has a passion for maths and covers great-circle distances, rhumb-line distances and other related subjects in greater detail. His website offers a plethora of information, definitions, formulas, and some examples. You will also find a program here that computes great-circle distances based on latitude and longitude coordinates.
God I am so small! Here's a website (or one of its parts) that does almost the same as my site except they don't show the results on a map. Heavens-above covers some 2 million cities worldwide. First choose the country, then the city: the results show the latitude and longitude of the searched location, plus the near-by towns and their altitudes within a radius of 10 km. Although it doesn't look really great, the quantity of information offered is impressive. Available in English only.
The US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's website offers a wealth of geographical information for all the countries in the world. References include lakes, mounts, towns, etc. If you're after geolocation databases, this is where you should go first. The data is updated once a month or so.
WDGPS is a GPS connection freeware that offers conversions in multiple formats: NMEA, PCX5, Mif/Mid, .tab, DXF, DWG, IGC, DFCI, QRA Locator, Geolocation, Geoconcept, etc.

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