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INSEE codes

Using this form, you can find the INSEE code of any French town, or find the town name based on its INSEE code.

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INSEE code or town:

INSEE codes include 5 or 6 numbers based on how they are written (e.g. 59599 or 590599) and there is one different code for every town, city, and village in France. The INSEE code found on French social security cards refers to the place of birth of the card holder (third to eighth numbers). The first two numbers are the département number while the last three refer to the town sorted in alphabetical order (with some exceptions caused by newly created towns. INSEE codes do not change when a new town appears, even though the new town might be listed higher up in the alphabet).

In some cases, a sixth number ranging from 0 to 4 and referring to the territory (0: metropolitan France, 1: Guadeloupe, 2: Martinique, 3: French Guyana, 4: Réunion) can be inserted in third position in the code. For some reason, some systems often forget this number in the middle...

The search engine above only supports INSEE codes for metropolitan France i.e. with an optional 0 in third position.

INSEE codes specify the département the town belongs to. Although most of the time the postal and INSEE codes start with the same numbers, one has to look at the INSEE code to know which département the town belongs to, not the postal code. The list of towns the postal codes of which do not start with the département number can be found here.

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