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Are you looking for help? Or are you trying to know if what you're looking for can be found on this website? This is the right place to look!
  • What information can I find on Lion1906?
For every city, town and village in metropolitan France, you can learn their geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude), their position on a map, the surrounding towns, their postal codes, INSEE codes, departements, regions, etc.
The size - population, surface, density - is often specified as well.
  • Which countries does Lion1906 cover?
Metropolitan France only. Don't try to find a town outside France, Lion1906 doesn't know them.
  • Is the island of Corsica included?
Yes, Corsica has been covered since V3.
  • Are overseas departements and territories included?
Unfortunately no.
  • Does Lion1906 support with all Web browsers?
Yes and no: all relatively recent browsers are supported ie. IE5 and higher, Mozilla-Firefox-Netscape, Konqueror and Opera, with the exception of Safari which hasn't been tested. However, older browsers such as Netcape 4.xx or IE4 will not work.
Also, the display will depend on various settings such as the screen resolution, font size, and zoom level.
For your information, Lion1906 displays perfectly with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels and the "default" font size.
You might also run into trouble trying to run the GeCaDeL and GeCaFLi programs. However, Internet Explorer and Firefox seem to cope very well. Konqueror on the other hand doesn't like them very much...
  • When I click on the "Print" button, a window comes up asking me to download a file. What do I have to do?
This most likely happens because Acrobat Reader isn't installed on the computer. Acrobat Reader is free software from Adobe and can be downloaded here.
  • The distance between such and such town seems a little too short. Is this normal?
The distance is calculated based on the towns' geographical coordinates.
It is an orthodromic distance i.e. an "as-the-crow-flies" distance. The distances given on this website are not travel itineraries!
  • According to its postal code, the town I entered is not located in the right departement. Or the town I am looking for doesn't seem to be in the right departement. How is that?
To determine the departement such or such town belongs to, we use the town's INSEE code, not its postal code. You should never rely on postal codes. In most cases, the first two digits of a given town's postal code refer to the town' departement number, but this is not always true. For further information on this subject, I suggest you read this article.
  • I really think I've found a problem on your website. How do I report it?
The databases and content on this website have been verified many times. Still, it might be that some information is wrong or missing. If this is the case, I would appreciate if you would report any such error either using the form on the Contact page or post a question in the forum.
  • What else can I find on Lion1906?
Course/orthodromic distance calculations between two points (including unit conversions)
List of departements, and towns by departement
  • Can I download your database?
Yes. The database is available for download in the Download section
  • Can you add a link to my website?
Yes. On condition that your website relates to Lion1906 or a particular town in France. In this case please send your link request from the town's page in question.
  • What are the GeCaFLi and GeCaDeL tools?
Two online programs used to create the personalized maps. The maps can be displayed on remote websites or be saved as PDF for printing purposes.
  • GeCaFLi, GeCaDeL, does this mean anything?

GeCaFLi is short for nérateur de Carte de France Lion1906 (Lion1906 France's map generator).
GeCaDeL is short for nérateur de Carte de partement Lion1906 (Lion1906 departement map generator.
  • What does the GeCaFLi program allows me to do?
Choose background, region and departement colors, image size, print as PDF
Available as of April 2007: select towns, choose color by departement (not only by region).
Available as of July 2007: ability to display a map on remote websites
Under development: auto-zoom on selected towns, town custom color and size, ability to save a configuration file. Print list of selected towns.
  • What does the GeCaDeL program allows me to do?
Choose background, line and departement color, image size, line thickness, select towns, print as PDF, display all towns.
Available as of July 2007: ability to display a map on remote websites
Under development: auto-zoom on selected towns, town custom color and size, ability to save a configuration file, etc.
  • Is Lion1906 still under development?
Yes. I'm always trying to improve everything that's on the site.
  • When I'm surfing on your website, pop-up windows come up on screen. And I only have your website open.
Lion1906 only displays two ad banners - one at the top and the other at the bottom - and does not open any pop-up ads or any other windows!
If an ad other than the top banner displays while you're on Lion1906, your computer is very likely infected by a virus or spyware. In this case, I suggest you download and run programs such as Spybot, Ad-aware or AVG. There are also on-line diagnostic tools available such as: ScanOnLine BitDefender, Panda or Secuser.
  • I can print the distance between one town and all other towns in the departement. Now, can I also print the distance from one town to all other towns in the whole of France?
No. This would represent a huge amount of data (and far too many pages)!
  • Can I print the distances between a selection of towns located in different departements/regions?
For the time being, no. In the future, I will probably add the ability to select multiple towns anywhere in France (a little like when you purchase things online and put them in your basket first), and then print all the distances between them. But I will probably have to limit the number of towns one can select because of the volume of data that has to be downloaded.

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